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Data, Web, App and IT service you can depend on

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iDBA has you covered! We manage all the technical details for you.

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Database, Web, Application & IT

Full Service Support

You don't need a fulltime DBA, System Administrator and Web Developer
but you need their services...
Let iDBA do it for you!


iDBA offers full service Database Administration, System Administration and Web Services at a fraction of the cost of regular full-time staff.

Database Administration

iDBA manages all of your database administration tasks

Database Development

iDBA can create your database system or modify to it according to your business requirements.

Database Health Check

We health check your database to pinpoint bottlenecks and critical database blockages which may be slowing down your entire system.

Performance Tuning

We tune your database system to provide you with the most efficient delivery of your data at the highest possible speed.

Data Mining

We use the latest technology in data mining, machine learning and categorization over your data to find patterns critical to your business.

Cloud Server Setup and Management

We design, setup and manage your cloud server system including automatic scaling, load balancing, replication and failover.

Ecommerce Systems

iDBA can build you an online store or help you upgrade and migrate to the current latest "thing" in the Ecommerce Portal World. We'll have you setup for Visa, Bitcoin or Paypal in no time!

Server System Administration

iDBA can manage your System, Database & Web Servers for you so you can focus on your business.

Web Development

New web site development, updates, changes, backup and restore and migration.


Our primary concern is dealing with our customers and making sure that they are satisfied. Any questions, comments, or concerns you may have are very important to us.